FAQs and Information


Keep Calm & Go Green

SEP has implemented a green approach for distributing flyers from the district and non-profit community organizations to which approval is granted. Flyers and other materials will be distributed in an electronic format when the following information is completed and submitted.

The board recognizes that effective communications are frequently part of worthwhile civic and community projects and that as a part of the larger community, the District often serves as a conduit of information by permitting the distribution of materials.

School-related materials the District will agree to publish are defined as:

  • Materials produced by organizations whose purpose it is to benefit the district by providing, financial, educational, or program support for the District. Examples of District related organizations include, but are not limited to, booster organizations organized specifically to support extra-curricular programs, Parent/Teacher Organizations, Post Prom Committee, 
  • Materials deemed by the Superintendent/designee to be of importance to the school community may include, but are not limited to, communications originated by the District, school-sponsored student publications, health advisories or emergency procedures information, information produced by government agencies (city, county, state and federal), and are distributed on an as-needed basis.

Non-School related materials the District agrees to evaluate for distribution must meet the following parameters:

  • Entity is within the Southeast Polk Community boundary; and
  • A youth related program, activity, or event for district students and/or families; and
  • Intended to improve the health, education or welfare of students.
  • Can prove non-profit status by providing appropriate documentation.